Hello School of Wokkers! It is with a sense of excitement and a little trepidation that I join the School of Wok team as their resident blogger. Let me be upfront about one thing: I am no culinary expert. I have filmed a lot of good food and produced some television shows featuring questionable culinary skills (not telling which ones), but when it comes to wokking I never really knew my Char Siu Baau from my Baozi. That's until I met the School of Wok team and my sweet and sour love affair with the wok world began. So far I've tried out their Dim Sum Scoff n Quaff (boy was I tipsy!) and their recent Supper Club (boy was I tipsy!) and both featured some of the most sensational food I have ever tasted.

Supper Clubs are popping up everywhere in London aren't they? It's an intereseting concept: cook up a feast in your own kitchen, then invite complete strangers around to pay to eat it. My first foray into Supper Clubbing was quite exciting. We travelled across London, got lost and ended up knocking on stranger's doors asking if they had supper for us. We eventually found our desintation in a converted warehouse where a woman cooked us a six course meal from the tiniest kitchen I have ever seen. I still suspect we wandered into some random family's home demanding to be fed, and they just indulged us out of sheer terror.

The thing is they can be a bit hit or miss, which is why it was so good to be in professional hands at the School of Wok Supper Club. We were treated to a banquet of dim sum, whole steamed fish, Singapore style chilli crab, pineapple black vinegar chicken and a 5 spice dessert platter to top it off. My husband tucked into the chilli crab with the intensity of a smitten lover; it was a shameful public display of affection.The table next to us, a group of strangers, booked the next event together because they enjoyed it so much. Friday the 9th of May and Friday the 15th of August are the next Supper Club dates, for your diaries. Get all the details here.

School of Wok's top 3 Supper Clubs

In the spirit of trying new things I asked the School of Wok staff to share their favourite Supper Club experiences. Here's their top 3:

Gingerline say their Supper Clubs are "clandestine dining adventures." Once you've booked with them you will be instructed to wait at a station along the East London Overground between Crystal Palace and Highbury & Islington. By 6pm you will recieve an SMS with directions to the destination. You can expect a night of feasting, entertainment and mind blowing art installations.

Darjeeling Express offers traditional Indian cuisine with family recipes that go back four generations. When reviewers call it "the best Indian culinary experience in Britain" you know you've got to try it. The food is cooked fresh from Asma Khan's Kensington home.

Yummy Choo Eats offers authentic home-cooked Mauritian cuisine in Croydon. Expect to dine on tropical island fare while being entertained by Sega dancers or even learning how to make your own Mauritian dish.