It's summer. It's hot. Typical daydreams at this time of year might include a sandy beach, a drink with a little umbrella, and an unplanned, unrushed day. But according to researchers 'staycations' have become the new answer to the packaged deal abroad- which can often leave you with an overcrowded beach and a watered-down drink instead of the shiny postcard holiday you were dreaming of.

For those of you looking to treat yourself to a different type of summer holiday, and are entertaining the idea of the staycation, we've got something to tempt your tastebuds, refine your folding skills and challenge your brains! What about a week's worth of dim sum and hand-pulled noodle classes?

By taking our Intensive Five Day Dim Sum course you'll treat yourself to learning (and eating!!!) over 20 different types of dim sum, plus some fine tuition from a hand-pulled noodle maker with over 40 years of experience; mentor and chef Kampo.

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