Gifts For Foodies Who Like To Cook

School of Wok have the perfect gift guide for foodies who love to cook!

Being a partner, a relative or a friend of someone who loves to cook is a dream come true for many reasons. Of course, not least because you get to be the happy recipient of the delicious meals they whip up, but also when it comes to Christmases, birthdays and other gift-giving occasions, you are never stuck for ideas or having that last-minute stress-induced panic buying that leaves so many of us in a cold sweat!

Buying gifts for foodies is easy because there are so many food-related gifts out there that they are sure to love. Not only that, but you can always fall back on a slap-up meal at a fantastic restaurant, or simply purchase delicious food to tantalise their taste buds, and keep you in their good books all year long!

Here are our gift ideas for foodies who love to cook:

1. Cooking lessons

Even the most well-practised cooks can refine their skills and learn something new, so cooking lessons could be the ideal gift for a foodie, especially if the lucky recipient gets to try out cuisines and recipes they haven’t had much experience with before. At School of Wok, we offer a number of fantastic cooking courses specialising in different aspects of authentic Asian cooking. Check out our fabulous Asian cooking classes here; ideal for beginners or large groups! From full-day courses to one-hour workshops, you can book your loved one in, or simply buy them a gift voucher so they can choose their own class. You could also join the fun and book yourself in the class with them too, for an even more special treat to remember!

2. Cookery books

For those on a more modest budget, you can’t go wrong with a quality cookery book, full of delicious new recipes for them to try. Depending on what kind of things they enjoy cooking, you are sure to find the ideal recipe book for that special someone. If they love to experiment with Asian flavours, our Jeremy Pang cookery books will make a perfect addition to their shelves, covering everything from hassle-free Chinese classics to authentic Hong Kong dinners.

3. Quality kitchen utensils and equipment

We all know that saying “a good workman never blames his tools”. However, if you are trying to cook a range of fantastic recipes and you don’t have quality kitchen gadgets and equipment, it can be much more of a challenge to get things right. Bring a smile to your loved ones face by giving the gift of beautifully crafted, durable, and attractive kitchen tools and equipment such as our gorgeous Bamboo tools set, our stunning stainless steel School of Wok cleaver, or our fantastic range of specially designed woks and accessories, including our much talked about skinny woks for those who want to be a little more health-conscious.

4. Food gift sets and cooking hampers

A hamper is an excellent present for those who love to experiment with new tastes and flavours, and by looking online, you’ll find a number of fantastic baskets to choose from. So whether they are into cheeses, cured meats, pasta, or chocolate, you can find cooking hampers that will help them understand more about the process of creating their favourite foods. At School of Wok, we offer a number of excellent cooking hampers for those interested in Asian cooking, including our BAO hamper and Wok gift set.

Become the perfect gift-giver with School of Wok

All these ideas for gifts for foodies are sure to delight the recipient. So if you have a food-lover in your family, a friend who loves to experiment in the kitchen, or know someone who’d love the opportunity to learn how to cook new types of cuisine in an authentic way, why not choose from the above and bask in that warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that you’ve once again picked the perfect present?