Fairlight Hall

To the right you see Fairlight Hall, where I spent 2 full days of intense teaching with Stacey, the in-house chef and house keeper of this magnificent period home in the Great British countryside. Having the privelege to cook in such a beautiful location is all thanks to Sarah and David (owners of Fairlight Hall) for their love of Chinese cooking and the withdrawal symptoms that I can definitely relate to having been away from Hong Kong eateries for so long. Their garden is packed full of an array of organic seasonal vegetables: pasnips,3 types of courgette, rainbow coloured chard and asparagus the size of my arm (yes, I know my arms aren't that long but if my arms were asparagus...I would eat them).

I was really not upset when Stacey requested we make an additional dish to use up the fresh asparagus so as not to waste. The large plate of stir fried home-grown asparagus with tiger prawns and pine nuts was happily received at the 10 course dinner banquet on the second day. As most of you would agree - working day in, day out in the 'Big Smoke' makes stepping into the country side a real treat. And my added bonus of such wonderful hosts at Fairlight Hall made my teaching that much more enjoyable.