Corporate Cookery Events in London for Sushi Classes

For those who haven't yet met her, Yolanda is the newest member at School of Wok. We're pleased to announce that she will be taking over our corporate sushi classes from now on, so thought we'd take this opportunity to introduce her to you...

Introducing Yolanda

Yolanda grew up in Torreon, a city in north Mexico, where her passion for food began at a very early age.

"The culture in Mexico is that our grandmothers are always the best cooks," she said. "Eating their food inspired me to want to be a better cook and try new things. This really took off when I moved to Europe and experienced new ingredients and different food cultures."

She's only been working at the school since the spring but is already an integral part of our wonderful little team.

"I've been working at School of Wok for three months now, so far it has been an amazing experience. I truly enjoy the fact that there is a genuine learning environment and everyone is always very keen on helping me develop my culinary skills."

Introducing Corporate Cookery Events for Sushi Classes

Sushi can be a formidable, confusing food to learn for newbies in Japanese cuisine, but Yolanda assures that it's not as scary as people often think.

"It's not difficult but it takes practice. For example, using simple ingredient such as crab sticks allow the sushi rolls to maintain their shape. I think that once you try your hand at one it gets easier from there on in."

"Hand rolls are my favourite type of sushi. It's a different level of sushi: it has the flavours of maki and you get the crunch of nori with a freshly prepared hand roll."

As for the corporate sushi classes, Yolanda says they're a great idea for bringing people together and the tasty food is always a great talking point.

"I think that the corporate cooking events are a good way for employees to bond over something that they may never have thought to do before. All of this while having fun and making great food."

Check Out our Sushi Classes With Yolanda!

Click here for more details on our corporate events, or feel free to pop by for a chat with Yolanda or any of our other staff.