Zing Zing

ZING ZING MANIFESTO – THE CHINESE FOOD REVOLUTION It is our aim to create the best Chinese takeaway in the world. Ironically the way to do this is by acting nothing like a regular Chinese takeaway. This is because the industry has been heading down the wrong road for a number of decades. Low quality ingredients are rife, chemical additives are the core elements of most recipes (stir-fried MSG stew, anyone?) and customer service is pretty much non-existent. The worst thing is that, as consumers, not only do we tolerate this from the Chinese takeaway industry, we pretty much expect it. However, despite these awfully low standards, Chinese food has taken the UK by storm. The dishes have become household names and we have all come to love the unique taste of oriental flavours. Chinese food has essentially become, well… British. It’s time to shake things up. Our philosophy is simple. We believe that your favourite Chinese dishes (and a number of our own creations) should be made with care. By this we mean using the freshest possible ingredients, no added chemicals, great customer service and doing everything we can to make sure your food arrives piping hot and on time. We’re even trying to convince our delivery drivers to serenade you when they deliver the food. No luck yet… Zing Zing is here to make some serious changes for the good to the Chinese takeaway experience. It’s time to join the revolution. This is the Zing Zing manifesto:

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